Mindframe National Media Initiative

The Mindframe National Media Initiative encourages responsible, accurate and sensitive media representation of mental illness and suicide, and advocates on behalf of community concerns relating to media depictions that stigmatise mental illness or promote self-harm.

Page last updated: 31 October 2012

Page last reviewed: 14 August 2014

The media is an important source of information and a powerful influence on public attitudes. Research in Australia and overseas has shown that the way the media report suicide and mental illness can influence public and private attitudes to these issues.

Mindframe consists of a suite of interconnected strategies including:
  • Mindframe Media & Mental Health Project
  • Mindframe for the mental health and suicide prevention sector
  • Mindrame for police and courts
  • Mindframe stage and screen
  • ResponseAbility journalism
  • StigmaWatch and the SANE media centre
  • Media monitoring
Mindframe is guided by the Australian Suicide Prevention Advisory Council and a range of other reference groups consisting of representatives from the media, mental health and suicide prevention sector, journalism academics, police and members of the judiciary.

Following extensive consultation with members of the media, the resources are currently being reviewed.

Further information is available on the Mindframe website.